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    Properties of products PO Film is a new type of agricultural film produced by imported MLLDPE raw material and other additives and by five-layer co-extrusion and external spray drying process. PO Film Has Super tensile strength and tear resistance, high transparency, rapid temperature rise in the shed, Special Antioxidant and light stabilizer to ensure excellent […]

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    Properties of products The product can convert the ultraviolet light with the wavelength of (200-400nm) and the green light which is useless to plant photosynthesis into blue violet light (400-500NM) and red orange light (600-700NM) , which are beneficial to plant photosynthesis, improve the ecological environment in the shed, reduce the diseases caused by ultraviolet […]

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    Properties of products The film is a new product developed according to the present situation of domestic flower production. Using imported special resin, and adding a variety of imported light stabilizer, antioxidant, metal passivator, etc. , excellent synergistic effect of anti-aging, can block part of the harmful light on the growth of flowers, control Pests, […]

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    Properties of products This product is a high-end product in the functional plastic film. It is made of high VA content vinyl acetate COPOLYMER (Eva) resin as the basic material, with proper amount of flow drop, defogging agent, heat preservation agent and anti-aging assistant, by co-extrusion compound blow molding. In the optical properties, drippability, thermal […]

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